What is BRAVO?

BRAVO is an initiative organized by the QualityNet Foundation within the framework of the Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative. Emphasis is put on promoting an organized Social Dialogue through the involvement of all the social partners and ending in two stages: the BRAVO Dialogue & BRAVO Awards.

Which organizations may be involved?

BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue addresses all types of Organizations such as:
  • Organizations active in the wider private or public sector, such as businesses, ministries etc.
  • Municipalities and Regions
  • NGOs and Civil Society Organizations
  • Schools (public or private)

Which are the targets of the BRAVO initiative?

The aim of BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue is to contribute:
  • In mapping all the good practices that promote Sustainable Development and Responsible Entrepreneurship through measurable results that can be applied in a wider environment,
  • In strengthening the institution of Social Dialogue since Active Citizens, Private and Public Organizations, Institutional Bodies and the Media, they all have the opportunity to be informed, to evaluate and to record/register their opinions,
  • In creating standards of responsible behavior and improving the quality of life of consumers / citizens,
  • In enhancing the networking and dialogue process for Sustainable Development,
  • In encouraging the collaboration between the Private and the Public Sector for the development of initiatives and actions that support Quality of Life and Sustainable Development,
  • In activating the wider social community to participate Sustainable Development issues,
  • In highlighting and rewarding (BRAVO Awards) the best initiatives recorded by the participants Organizations & Institutions,
  • In linking the applied practices with the 17 SDGs and promoting Sustainable Development via measurable results.

Why should I participate?

By participating in BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue an Organization achieves to:
  • Make their initiatives known to a large network of Active Citizens & Social Partners,
  • Put their practices in social dialogue, recognizing in practice the importance of citizen / consumer opinion,
  • Make useful conclusions about the categories of actions that are most popular,
  • Demonstrate the transparency of their Corporate Governance,
  • Stimulate other Organizations enhance their Organization's networking and interaction with other Organizations,
  • Cultivate partnerships to further develop good sustainability practices,
  • Strengthen their brand name and responsible image,
  • Be included in the annual report of the nationally developed CSR / Sustainability Best Practices, which is submitted to the National Agencies and the UN.


Participants at the BRAVO Sustainability Dialogue & Awards link their practices to one of the five categories/ Pillars:

In Action