Award Categories

1. Bravo Governance
Practices and initiatives that relate to the system of governance of an organization, such as practices for combating corruption, for promoting transparency and accountability. Establishment of a Code of Principles and an Operational Framework which respond to the Sustainable Development aspects. Development of a systematic Stakeholder Dialogue with all relevant stakeholders (Stakeholders & Shareholders) and an integration process that would link stakeholders views with the material issues of an organization.

2. Bravo Market
Practices and initiatives that promote responsible marketing as well as green and responsible products. Development of social marketing programs. Implementation of policies/actions able to promote Responsible Procurement and Responsible Supply Chain. Initiatives for informing and raising the awareness of consumers.

3. Bravo Environment
Practices and initiatives connected to the environmental management of an Organization, such as compliance with environmental standards, efforts to tackle climate change, sustainable environmental management methods and practices to reduce the carbon footprint. Best practices related to issues such as, the conservation of natural resources, management of solid and liquid waste, protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, sustainable transport and sustainable mobility, sustainable urban construction and urban design, promotion of activities for the environmental awareness will be further highlighted.

4. Bravo Society
Practices developed in order to ensure social cohesion. Practices relating to employability and workforce training in order to acquire special skills. Practices which support the balance between the professional and personal life. Programs addressed to young people in order to help them acquire professional experience. Initiatives which aim to deal with the unemployment and fight poverty, discrimination and social exclusion. Practices that contribute to the development of the local community (promotion of tourism, cultural development, contract farming, etc).

5. Bravo in Action
Practices and initiatives developed through the cooperation of private and public sector. Partnering activities and actions between Businesses, Local Authorities, Civil Society/NGO’s and Academic Community, aiming to contribute decisively to Sustainable Development and the Social cohesion.