The BRAVO Initiative constitutes a systematic social dialogue on the basis of the sustainability programs and activities that are developed in our country by businesses, local authorities and civil society groups.

It concerns programs and activities that contribute to a better quality of life and the creation of responsible behavior standards, at the collective and individual level in our country.

With the ultimate goal to be able to set the basis for the creation of a general culture of sustainable development, responsible business and social responsibility, the BRAVO Initiative develops a wider platform of dialogue, information sharing and open consultation with the participation of a large group of social partners.

The participating stakeholders of the BRAVO Initiative come from diverse professional and academic backgrounds representing a wide spectrum of the Greek society, with the ability to contribute to the creating of a different mindset and development model such as representatives of business associations, members of the academic community, the local and national authorities, the media and the civil society as well as representatives of the Greek intelligentsia.

All the participants in the BRAVO Initiative, get information, exchange views and promote the best programs and actions by COMPANIES-LOCAL AUTHORITIES AND CIVIL SOCIETY GROUPS supporting the 5 pillars of sustainable development (Governance, Market, Environment, Society, in Action). 

The BRAVO Initiative is developed for the 6th consecutive year in our country and it is part of the wider Initiative for a Sustainable Greece 2020.